Gaming through the blockchain

Earn crypto while competing.
DFSocial unifies multiple dimensions: gaming, crypto and the social power.

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Connecting holders and gamers

Gamers don't have to pay to earn




Ask for a Sponsor on the #sponsors channel



Get it contact with your sponsor on DM and he will sign you up


Game On!

Read the rules and get ready to have fun and earn some crypto


━ DFSocial leverages smart contracts to guarantee the proper operations of our systems and the fair distribution of the ecosystem rewards.
Real Accessibility

Everyone can register for our tournaments by paying the registration fee. Gamers can be also registered by sponsors; in that case rewards are automatically shared via smart contract (60% Sponsor and 40% Gamer) once the event is finished.

Security and Transparency

DFSocial has locked the reserves and liquidity on TrustSwap, a decentralized application that allows blockchain projects to lock their tokens in a non-custodial, time-released smart contract vault. Everyone can publicly track the team’s reserves.

Long-term Sustainability

DFSocial’s token allows holders to use all the services within our platform. The team designed the token economy very carefully making sure it has a fixed maximum supply and introducing burning mechanisms to make it even more scarce and deflationary. As of now, 2,385,000 $DFSG have been burnt.

━ New Roadmap



/Mobile App Launch (BETA)
/New earn services
/11+ games integrated in DFSocial
/TrustSwap Lock Integration
/NFTs Marketplace Launch


/Games APIs Integrations
/Sponsoring events service
/New website launch
/New Farming Pool
/New Staking Pool


/e-Sports integration
/DFSocial Game Launch
/Voting platform launch
/Official Mobile App Launch
/Challenges system integration

The gaming platform

offers multiple ways of earning: Tournaments, Sponsor League and Predictors.

Regular Tournaments

DFSocial organizes regular tournaments of the most popular games. Everybody can earn - even if you’re not a gamer by sposoring skilled gamers.

Popular Games

DFSocial has succesfully integrated a total of 11 games into our Gaming Platform. The community has the power to decide why games to be added next.

Special Events

From time to time DFSocial organizes unique events, for which the rewards are higher, influencers join and everybody is allowed to participate!

Sponsors League

DFSocial compensates the best sponsors based on their number of gamers registered and their gamers’ points. The top sponsors of each season receives extra rewards.

Predictors Events

DFSocial holders can participate by trying to guess the correct answer of the results of our tournaments. Lock $DFSG, submit your prediction and get rewarded if you’re correct.

Play to earn