DFSocial Code of Conduct

1. Introduction

  • DFSocial places significant importance on the integrity of their tournaments, and the aim of this Code of Conduct is to clearly outline for each Player and Sponsor the standards expected of them when joining our tournaments and competing in them, whether it be in the process of looking for a player, looking for a sponsor, or during our tournaments per se.
  • By entering in our platform and signing for a competition, each Player and Sponsor acknowledges and agrees to be bound by to comply with the DFSocial Code of Conduct. Players and Sponsors should be aware that if they are found to be in breach of the code, there is a possibility that sanctions will apply to them, and it is therefore the responsibility of all Players and Sponsors to ensure they have read and fully understood the Code and the Terms of Use of the platform before participating. Citing a failure to have read or understood the Code or the Terms of Use will do be deemed a mitigating circumstance in any instances where a suspected breach has occurred.
  • DFSocial reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend the Code of Conduct at any time before or during the competitions. Any such amendment will become effective and binding on each Player or Sponsor upon acceptation of the Terms of Use and Code of conduct as they sign for one of our tournaments.

2. Player/Sponsor behaviour

No Players or Sponsors shall:

  1. Conduct themselves in an abusive, insulting, intimidating or offensive manner towards any other Player, Sponsor, Tournament Official, Moderator or any of the DFSocial team members.
  2. Commit any act or make any statement that is discriminatory by means of race, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, colour or national or ethnic origin, before, during or after the competition. This includes personal messages in between all of the stated, DFSocial group chats/channels and/or in the game´s own chats where the tournament is being played.
  3. Commit any act or make any statement that brings other Players and Sponsors, the tournaments, DFSocial or any of their staff members into disrepute.

3. Game-related player behaviour

No Player shall:

  1. Breach any rule, as determined by DFSocial.
  2. Use any software or program that damages, interferes with or disrupts any aspect of a Game, Match, the tournament or another player´s computer/gaming device.
  3. Interfere or disrupt another player´s participation in the tournaments.
  4. Use exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design errors or bugs during the tournaments.
  5. Promote or encourage another player to take part in any of the prohibited conduct described above.

4. Breaches and sanctions

Any suspected or proofed breach of the DFSocial Code of Conduct (or any other provisions contained within the Terms of Use) by a Player or a Sponsor will be determined by either the Moderator of the tournament or the DFSocial team. All the decisions and rulings of the DFSocial team and moderators relating to the tournaments and this Code of Conduct are final and binding and there shall be no right of appeal. DFSocial reserved the right to sanction any Sponsor or Player in the tournaments played at any level, at any time and for any reason.

The following sanctions may be applied:

  1. A warning.
  2. A reprimand.
  3. Forfeiture of a Game or Match.
  4. Straight disqualification of the tournament, which includes loss of any prize that comes with it, from the Player, and for the Sponsor if there was one.
  5. A ban that, depending on the severity, can be:
    1. Temporary ban, from days to months, to be determined by the DFSocial team.
    2. Ban from participation in a specific tournament or contest.
    3. Permanent ban from participation in any future tournaments from our platform.
    4. Low priority registration. In this case in particular you could still be registering for the tournaments but you could only access one, in the unique case when there´s open spots after the registration´s deadline.

* DFSocial reserves the right to report any sanctions applied to Players to the DFSocial team for them to consider. DFSocial also reserves the right to publicise any sanctions that have been applied to Players hereby waive any right of legal action against DFSocial, the team and any of their affiliates.*