Sponsor League

Register as many gamers as possible and compete against the biggest DFSG Sponsors to win extra pizes!

━ Scores are calculated by taking the number of sponsored gamers plus the gamer's position points.

Sponsors play a crucial role in our platform.
They sign up skilled gamers in our tournaments by paying their entries and earn the 60% of their gamers winnings — all secured via smart contracts. Read more about our Gamer and Sponsor model in the docs.

The Sponsors League allows DFSocial holders to compete and show who has the biggest army of gamers and the one which perform the best. Each season lasts 2 months and at the end of the competition the team publishes the leaderboard and distributes the rewards to the winners.

Scoring System

Points obtained from valid registrations:

1 gamer: 6 points

2 gamers: 8 points

3 gamers: 10 points

Points obtained from gamers' position:

1st place 25 points

2nd place: 20 points

3rd place: 15 points

Prize Distribution

1st place: 10k DFSG

2nd place:7.5k DFSG

3rd place: 5k DFSG

4th place: 3k DFSG

5th place: 2k DFSG

6th place: 1k DFSG

7th place: 900 DFSG

8th place: 850 DFSG

9th place: 800 DFSG

10th place: 750 DFSG


DFSG holders can lock their tokens and try to guess the correct answer of the winner of the Sponsors League.

— A total prize of 3k DFSG will be distributed among the winners.

— Lock 6k, 4k or 2k DFSG and submit your prediction of the given options — your tokens will be unlocked after 1 month, there’s no risk of losing your tokens!

— You can submit multiple predictions with the same wallet address.

Top 30 Ranking Current Season

PositionNameAddressSeason PointsAll time PointsRewards